Innovation & impact

As an international epicenter for turning ideas into actions, the University of Washington is launching hundreds of companies across a wide range of fields based on UW research and technology.

ME is a leading department万博水晶宫水 at the UW for innovation, commercialization and industry collaboration.


The UW’s ranking for most innovative public university in the U.S. by Reuters in 2018


ME’s ranking at the UW for number of faculty or student startups emerging from an academic unit

Market impact

Since 2012, ME has been responsible for:

new patents filed

of all UW Engineering patents

instances of technology licensed by external companies

of all startups at the UW

CoMotion Innovation Fund awards

Student contribution

ME students are highly involved in the activities provided by the , which include competitions in health and environmental innovation and courses that lead to minors and certificates in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship competitions

star 47 students have taken part in the , 11 on winning teams.

star 18 students have taken part in the , 10 on winning teams.

万博水晶宫水Source for data: UW CoMotion and the Arthur W. Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, Dec. 2018

Notable student entrepreneurs

star Moghadam Babak, Ph.D. '14, pursued the Buerk Center's and co-founded the startup Phoresa, which won the 2015 Business Plan Competition grand prize.

star Ryan Ahearn万博水晶宫水, BSME '17, pursued the Foster School's (managed by the Buerk Center) and co-founded JikoPower, which won the 2016 Business Plan Competition grand prize.

ME startups

Dozens of companies have formed as a result of ME research. Below are a selection of recent startups that have emerged from the department.


graphAlchemai provides advanced data analytics for supply chain risk management.

Contact: Steve Brunton, ME Associate Professor


flame万博水晶宫水 builds generators that convert heat into electricity for disaster preparedness, camping and low-resource communities.

Contact: Ryan Ahearn, BSME ’17

LightSpeed Microscopy Inc.

microscope is developing 3-D microscopy technology to enable nondestructive slide-free pathology of clinical specimens for better disease treatment.

Contact: Jonathan Liu, ME Associate Professor

Marine Construction Technologies

fish万博水晶宫水 has developed technology to reduce noise from pile driving and protect wildlife while improving the efficiency of marine construction projects.

Contact: Per Reinhall, ME Professor and Chair


anchor makes marine environmental monitoring instruments accessible to turbine developers and other renewable marine energy companies.

Contact: James Joslin万博水晶宫水, ME PhD ’15, UW Applied Physics Lab mechanical engineer


万博水晶宫水 is developing an affordable alternative to the epinephrine auto-injectors currently on the market for communities worldwide.

Contact: Jonathan Posner, ME Professor

Micro Phone Lens

mobile phone万博水晶宫水 turns cell phones and tablets into microscopes, make microscopy accessible and affordable.

Contact: Thomas Larson, BSME ’13


stethoscope万博水晶宫水 is developing an innovative test for infectious diseases to help doctors better diagnose and treat patients in a single visit.

Contact: Jonathan Posner, ME Professor


first aid kit万博水晶宫水 is harnessing the power of ultrasound technology to develop non-invasive solutions for kidney stone disease.

Contact: Michael Bailey, ME Associate Professor

Stasys Medical Corporation

syringe万博水晶宫水 is commercializing a device to quickly assess platelet dysfunction in trauma patients, helping emergency physicians save lives.

Contact: Nathan Sniadecki, ME Associate Professor and Associate Chair


heart pulse is developing a laser-based medical camera to help cardiologists better diagnose and treat individuals who are at risk for stroke and/or heart attacks.

Contact: Eric Seibel万博水晶宫水, ME Research Professor


football helmet has developed a helmet designed to mitigate impact forces in NFL, college and youth football.

Contact: Per Reinhall万博水晶宫水, ME Professor and Chair


beaker万博水晶宫水 is a clinical stage pharmaceutical and diagnostics company developing products for the early detection and treatment of lung cancer and lung dysplasia.

Contact: Eric Seibel万博水晶宫水, ME Research Professor

XFlow Energy

is a startup developing robust, inexpensive, and efficient vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) technologies focused on reducing the cost of wind energy generation.

Contact: Ben Strom, ME PhD ’19

Data courtesy of and .

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