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Autumn 2018 Graduate Seminar

Date Speaker Hosted by
Oct 2 Themis Sapsis
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Extreme events in complex dynamical systems: prediction and statistical quantification”
Steve Brunton
Oct 4 Ronald Miles
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Binghamton University
“The Nanophone: Sensing Sound with Nanoscale Spider Silk”
This lecture will be held in HUB 250
Steve Shen
Oct 9 Anant Madabhushi
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University
“Prognostic and Predictive Radiomics and Pathomics: Implications for Precision Medicine”
Jon Liu
Oct 16 Kevin Carlberg
Sandia Labs
“Nonlinear reduced-order modeling: Using machine learning to enable extreme-scale simulations in fluid dynamics”
Steve Brunton
Oct 23 Rui Ni
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
“Turbulent bubbly flows with strong two-phase couplings”
Alberto Aliseda
Oct 30 Alison Marsden
Associate Professor, Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering and Pediatric Cardiology
Stanford University
Alberto Aliseda
Nov 6 Boris Kramer
Postdoc, Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Nonlinear Model Reduction for Complex Systems”
Steve Brunton
Nov 13 Hari Shroff
Chief of the High Resolution Optical Imaging Section
“Biological Imaging at High Spatiotemporal Resolution”
Nate Sniadecki
Nov 20 Ashwin Dani
Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Connecticut
“Human Robot Collaboration”
Santosh Devasia
Dec 4 Harri Kytomaa
VP & Principal Eng
“Caution Hot! Understanding, preventing and investigating burn injuries”
Val Overlan
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