Machine Shop

student using shop mill

The Machine Shop is dedicated to taking the theoretical knowledge learned in a classroom environment and applying it to real world tactile solutions.

万博水晶宫水The shop contain a spectrum of equipment and technology ranging from simple hand tools and measuring equipment to fully CNC controlled multi-axis mills and lathes. It has become an unmatched resource, accessible to students and staff across multiple disciplines and departments.


The Machine Shop is located in the the Mechanical Engineering Building ground floor and in the Mechanical Engineering Annex (EGA 116) behind the main building. The C15 parking lot resides between the two buildings.

Safety classes

万博水晶宫水You will need to sign up for shop safety classes before you can access the shop. The shop is for working on official UW sponsored projects including student technical clubs and official research. All shop users must be a active students, staff, or faculty members of the University of Washington.

The sign up sheets for the shop safety classes are posted in the Machine Shop (EGA 116) the first day of each quarter at 9:00 AM. Attendees must sign up in person, and we recommend getting in early, because the classes fill up very quickly, within a half-hour of being posted. If you aren't here early, it's unlikely you will get in.

万博水晶宫水The safety classes are free and not for credit. They are held on three separate days, each a week apart, and each class is approximately 2 hours long. We do not schedule special class times for individual schedule conflicts, because everyone's schedule is different. If you cannot attend the safety classes held during a particular quarter, the soonest you will be able to complete them is at the beginning of the next quarter.

Student using machine shop

Similar facilities

Other shops that allow student access besides ours here on campus:

  • in Fluke Hall
  • multi-use space in Maple Hall
  • in McCarty Hall

We don't do much work for hire anymore, due to the huge load of students we have to monitor, as well as other maintenance and shop improvement. If you need work done soon, we recommend talking to any of these three excellent resources:

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